2024 Guide: Lazzaro Zucchi Violin Review

If you’re seeking a high quality advanced/professional level violin you likely have a specific kind of violin in mind, or at least, a set of qualities you’d like that violin to have. Helping you find an instrument that gets as close to what you want out of a violin is a major part of our purpose here at VBG. We won’t be able to point you directly to the perfect instrument for you, but we can give you detailed reviews of violins that we’ve tried so you can see how closely it matches up to your standards.

For this review we’ll be taking a look at an excellent advanced level violin we had the pleasure of trying out, the Lazzaro Zucchi violin. Read on below for details and the specifications of this model to find out if it suits your needs.

Defining Features of the Lazzaro Zucchi

The Lazzaro Zucchi is likely the highest-end violin we’ve reviewed here on VBG to date. Unsurprisingly, it is also the most expensive. However, what truly makes the Lazzaro Zucchi stand out is in the following traits:

Sound – The Lazzaro Zucchi has a breathtaking voice and a full range with a glowing warmth behind every note. The sound quality is clear and projects well, all your nuanced playing will reach any audience without issue. 

Playing Experience – The ease of play that the Lazzaro Zucchi has is incredible. This violin is so receptive to even the most minor changes in bow pressure and dynamics. The lightest touch of vibrato makes a note shimmer, in a way you could never get from a lesser instrument — you’d normally have to apply much more effort to get the same sound.

Lazzaro Zucchi Overview

The Lazzaro Zucchi Violin is a gorgeous instrument from its sound to its craftsmanship to its appearance. Testing this violin was an incredibly rewarding experience. The Lazzaro Zucchi has a breathtaking warm voice, that’s rich and opens a world of potential complexity to its violinist which is a great asset for any violinist taking their playing to the next level. It’s attuned to even small subtleties in your playing and will bring them out with ease. Performers will be glad to know that it is also not without power, and we think it’ll perform excellently in most venues thanks to its great projection. Further, the instrument is beautiful thanks to an antiqued finish that almost seems to glow — it feels like a classic Italian violin. It’s not hard to see that the luthiers who handmake this model are masters of their craft.

Key Features:

What to Expect from the Lazzaro Zucchi

Outfit – The Lazzaro Zucchi doesn’t come in an outfit or include any extras, so expect to buy a bow and any other accessories like a case, shoulder rest, etc. separately if you need them.

Ordering – The Lazzaro Zucchi is currently only available to order online via Antonio Strad, but they offer nationwide (U.S.) free shipping via FedEx, and depending on what time of day you order, you can get your violin sent out on the same day. They also have a 45-day return policy.

Should you Buy a Lazzaro Zucchi Violin?

Obviously, this is not a cheap instrument, but its price is more than appropriate for the quality and excellent playing experience that the Lazzaro Zucchi violin offers. It has a gorgeous range and sound, and not to mention the playability and receptiveness of the Lazzaro Zucchi makes this violin a joy for any advanced violinist to play on. This is a high-caliber handmade violin, that not only sounds amazing but looks great too. The Lazzaro Zucchi is an instrument you’ll want to keep with you for a long time. Soloists, orchestral and chamber musicians, and hobbyists alike will definitely appreciate this violin.

If you’re an advanced violinist and making this investment is possible for you, then we highly recommend the Lazzaro Zucchi violin. Especially, if our descriptions in this review share the traits that you’re looking for in your next violin, you will likely enjoy playing the Lazzaro Zucchi very much.