2024 Guide: Antonio Strad Heritage Violin Review

The Heritage is a great match for advancing violinists

If you’re reaching an advanced level and are looking to buy a violin to match, you’re probably wondering what your best options are. Whether you’re upgrading from a previously purchased beginner violin or a rental, you’ll want a quality violin that is capable of playing those next-level pieces you’ve been looking forward to, preferably for a reasonable price. 

If that’s the case you’re in luck because we had the opportunity to take a look at the Antonio Strad Heritage Violin outfit and does a great job checking those boxes. Read on for a detailed look into the Heritage’s specs to find out if it’s the best violin for you.

Defining features of the Antonio Strad Heritage

The Heritage Violin is one of the best violins by price ($989 as writing this) in the Antonio Strad Advanced Violin Category, accompanied by the Antonio Strad Dynasty and several non-Antonio Strad models. Outside of price it differentiates itself in the following ways:

Sound – The Heritage stands out from the crowd by having a brilliant, crystal clear sound — a quality that is highlighted when you use Zyex or other bright strings. It cuts through other noise making it an especially excellent solo violin, and great for other powerful playing. 

Materials – Like other Antonio Strad instruments, the Heritage is handmade (as well as set up by luthiers in the Antonio Strad workshop) from spruce and maple that has been aged for an exceptional 5-10 years. The materials are comparable to the Antonio Strad Dynasty, so there’s not much of a difference there, but it is significant compared to other intermediate/advanced violins at this price point.

Heritage Overview

The Heritage is definitely best for advancing players. It has a strong sound that allows for nuanced dynamics and phrasing. In the hands of a beginner player, it has the potential to sound shrill, but for intermediate and advanced players it has not only an exceptional ease-of-play but also invites new musicality with its sensitive voice. Players will find that it adapts to their style of play well while still promoting improvement by opening up new possibilities.

The price ringing in just under $1000 is on the low side for instruments at this level, especially for a handmade violin. Advanced violins can easily climb into the thousands in price. It’s not the deal of the century, but it is still a very good price — the Heritage might be the best violin for this cost.

Key Features:

What to expect from the heritage

Bow – The bow included with the violin is the Antonio Carbon Fiber Violin Bow. It’s a fairly standard student carbon fiber bow with real horsehair. It’s a good fit for the Heritage, though a bow that could better bring out the brilliant notes that are this violin’s trademark might be better, it gets the job done.

Outfit – The Heritage violin outfit comes with includes the bow mentioned above as well as a KPE Violin Shoulder Rest, Jade L’Opera Rosin, an Ultra Rubber Practice Mute, a Korg PC2 Tuner, and the Antonio Triangle Case. The case has space for two bows, a couple of storage compartments and pockets, a tube for your strings, and back straps. It zips shut and has a clasp with a lock. 

Ordering – If you order the Heritage from Antonio Strad, nationwide (U.S.) free shipping is included and depending on what time of day you order, you can get your violin sent out on the same day. They also have a 45-day return policy.

Should You buy and Antonio Strad Heritage violin?

If you are an intermediate or advanced student dedicated to learning and improving your technique, the Heritage violin is definitely an instrument you should be considering when making your next purchase. This model’s radiant and strong voice makes it a joy to play and we think student violinists will find that the Heritage’s excellent sound brings fresh color to familiar pieces as well as new ones, as it invites its player to explore more advanced musical skills. This will also make any player of the Heritage a great asset as both a soloist and an accompanying violinist.

The outfit included with the Heritage is solid and well-stocked (personally, I’m a big fan of L’Opera Rosin so it’s nice to see that included). You won’t have to worry about getting a new shoulder rest if you’re going up a size, or anything else.

The Heritage is a quality handmade advanced violin, that comes with a quality outfit, and it’s at a reasonable price. If you’re in the market to buy an advanced violin, you can add the Antonio Strad Heritage violin to your list with confidence.