2024 Guide: Chang Lee Violin Review

When searching for a new violin at the advanced level and beyond, it can often feel like every violin is this incredible, life-changing, powerful, god-like, instrument based on the reviews. It doesn’t have to be that way, often that’s not even the kind of violin people want to play. Sometimes you just want a solid, reliable instrument with a good sound and good range. 

The Chang Lee can very well be that instrument for you. We’ve given it a try and can say honestly that it’s an adept, advanced violin, which won’t let you down regardless of the difficulty or style that you’re trying to play. Read on below for more details on the specs of the Chang Lee violin.

Defining Features of the Chang Lee

The Chang Lee is not loud or boastful of its quality, in fact, I’d say its appeal is in its minimalism. By holding back on the ostentatiousness some violins carry, the Chang Lee can highlight more nuance and texture. The following qualities emphasize this trait:

Sound – The Chang Lee has a smooth, understated voice that conveys every little change in tone and style that its player puts into it. It has a solid, even range, making it reliable regardless of the register you need to play in. And it carries a touch of warmth with every note.

Finish – This model is finished with an oil spirit varnish which gives it a refined, yet simple warm satin look. Nothing overbearing, just a beautiful, classy finish for a timeless aesthetic, you’ll never get tired of.

Chang Lee Overview

The Chang Lee Violin is a great violin for advanced players. The tone of the Chang Lee is lush and warm, without lacking in resonance or nuance. It is an instrument that would do great in the hands of players interested in refining their techniques because it handles styles rich in subtlety best. This model is also hand-crafted from ten-year-aged spruce and maple for that excellent handmade quality every violin should have. The price tag is also reasonable for a handmade advanced violin of this caliber. Hobbyists and students with professional aspirations alike will find the Chang Lee to be a polished and stalwart companion as they walk their musical paths.

Key Features:

What to expect from the Chang Lee

Outfit – The Chang Lee doesn’t come in an outfit or include any extras, so expect to buy a bow and any other accessories like a case, shoulder rest, etc. separately if you need them.

Ordering – The Chang Lee is currently only available to order online via Antonio Strad, but they offer nationwide (U.S.) free shipping via FedEx, and depending on what time of day you order, you can get your violin sent out on the same day. They also have a 45-day return policy.

Should you Buy a Chang Lee Violin?

Are you an advanced student looking for a reliable violin capable of expressing a wide range or nuance with an elegant voice? Then the Chang Lee violin is for you. It has a sound with a solid, even range, and a warm tone of understated resonance. It can handle any advanced technique you throw your bow at and will be a dependable guide through all types of music as it’s highly adaptable. 

The Chang Lee is a high-quality handmade violin intended for advanced students. It takes a light touch to bring out all the subtleties this violin is capable of and if that appeals to you, we’d definitely recommend the Chang Lee violin to you.