2024 Guide: Antonio Strad Dynasty Violin Review

For those seeking an advanced violin, including those in the upper-high school and college level, the search can get tricky as players become pickier about having a violin that’s just right. As you advance your ear improves and you can tell a great violin apart from a mediocre one much easier, and you as a player grow into your unique style and musicality and will want a violin that matches.

Luckily, the Antonio Strad Dynasty — a violin we’ve personally tested — is a great choice for advanced-level violinists who are looking for a new instrument. Read on for a detailed look into the Dynasty’s specs to find out if it’s the best violin for you.

Defining Features of the Antonio Strad Dynasty

The Dynasty is an Antonio Strad violin that is intended for advanced students. Compared to the other intermediate and advanced Antonio Strad violins like the Legacy and the Heritage, the Dynasty is the most advanced violin Antonio Strad offers. This difference is clear in the following ways:

Sound – The Dynasty has an excellent projection, but also a warm tone. This means it’s great for a variety of performance spaces like auditoriums and music halls, without losing a warm, intimate sound that you might normally get when playing in a smaller space. No shrill violin sound here, just comfortable and rich fireplace music, but with the power to be heard even in the back of a big concert hall.

Materials – This model is made with beautiful ten-year-aged spruce and flamed maple. All the fittings are ebony, and the fingerboard is ebony to match.

Finish – The available finishes on the Dynasty are gorgeous. You have the option to pick between two: scarlet and auburn, both of which are hand-rubbed oil finishes, so you’ll have a beautiful, unique, classic-looking instrument, on top of one with excellent sound.

Dynasty Overview

To put it simply, the Dynasty is a violin with great aesthetics and a powerful, yet warm voice. It has an ideal projection, for when performing in large halls and spaces, without sacrificing a warmness of tone, and at a killer price. The Dynasty stands out thanks to its excellent handmade quality and next-level sound for advanced players. This is an instrument that high school violinists who are continuing their education will gladly take with them into college, and other intermediate-advanced players will find it a joy to perform on.

The ~$1200 price tag marks this violin as an investment for student violinists, but not one without its perks. The Dynasty’s sound and looks make it well worth its price.

Key Features:

What to Expect from the Dynasty

Bow – The bow included with the violin is the Antonio Carbon Fiber Violin Bow. It’s a fairly standard student carbon fiber bow with real horsehair. It’s a good student bow, but you might want to consider upgrading if you’re a more advanced player leaving the student range.

Outfit – The Dynasty violin outfit comes with includes the bow mentioned above as well as a KPE Violin Shoulder Rest, Jade L’Opera Rosin, an Ultra Rubber Practice Mute, a Korg PC2 Tuner, and the Antonio Triangle Case. The case has space for two bows, a couple of storage compartments and pockets, a tube for your strings, and back straps. It zips shut and has a clasp with a lock. 

Ordering – If you order the Dynasty from Antonio Strad nationwide (U.S.) free shipping is included and depending on what time of day you order, you can get your violin sent out on the same day. They also have a 45-day return policy.

Should You Buy an Antonio Strad Dynasty Violin?

If you are an advanced student looking for a high-quality violin for venturing into the world of performance, without losing a warm sound you’ll appreciate the Antonio Strad Dynasty. The only players who might not enjoy the Dynasty are beginners who aren’t at the right level yet. Advanced high school violinists might especially appreciate this model, as it meets all the needs of a high school performer. It’s a violin that is advanced enough to match you and your technique as you improve, and is great for any performance space big or small. To top it off, the Dynasty has a lot of aesthetic appeal, and all for a reasonable price.

Advanced violinists, if the Dynasty is within your budget, we recommend you highly consider it, when making your purchase. This kind of quality won’t disappoint.