2024 Guide: Giovanni Violin Review

For those searching for an advanced violin, perhaps even a professional one, the search narrows as players begin to look for violins that suit their specific tastes rather than by the skill level required for each instrument. That kind of search is harder to do, especially if you’re shopping around online for your violin. This review hopes to capture the style and essence of the Giovanni violin rather than simply state its pros and cons.

We’ve given the Giovanni a test run and tried to boil down its sound and qualities to a concise and evocative review, that will, hopefully, tell you whether or not this is a violin that suits your stylistic, mood, tone, etc. needs. Read on for a deeper look into the details of Giovanni violin.

Defining Features of the Giovanni Violin

The Giovanni violin defines itself through a refined, subtle sound — almost aloof, if violins could be aloof that is. It’s an elegant instrument, which is especially defined by the following qualities:

Range and Sound – The Giovanni violin’s mellow tone is present and consistent across a wide range making it reliable and giving a hallmark sound regardless of the register it’s played in. This is a violin that knows its brand. It’s very receptive to subtle dynamic changes and advanced techniques, all touched by its unique mature sound.

Aesthetics – This model has a dark beauty that will appeal to those with vintage sensibilities. It has a dark oil varnish, over flamed maple that makes it feel like it would fit perfectly into dark oak pannelled rooms full of flickering lamplight and velvet drapes.

Giovanni Overview

The Giovanni Violin is a handmade violin with a lovely mellow, balanced sound — these qualities make it excellent for violinists who prefer a more subtle, elegant, and nuanced tone, while still maintaining great projection and range for all your performance needs. Additionally, the oil varnish gives the Giovanni violin a gorgeous dark, rich satiny appearance that we can’t imagine anyone would ever get tired of. If you are concerned based on this description that this violin is more soft than powerful, then in some ways you would be right. The Giovanni’s strength is in its subtle voice, which can make its power seem less but its ability to project this softness balances that sense.

Key Features:

What to Expect from the Giovanni

Outfit – The Giovanni doesn’t come in an outfit or include any extras, so expect to buy a bow and any other accessories like a case, shoulder rest, etc. separately if you need them.

Ordering – The Giovanni is currently only available to order online via Antonio Strad, but they offer nationwide (U.S.) free shipping via FedEx, and depending on what time of day you order, you can get your violin sent out on the same day. They also have a 45-day return policy.

Should You Buy a Giovanni Violin?

The Giovanni is a great handmade advanced violin with a classic appeal. It’s a beautiful violin, both appearance, and sound-wise. It is certainly an investment if you look at the price, however, if the descriptions provided here sound like the kind of violin that appeals to your taste and style then it’s definitely worth at least trying, because it may turn out to be an investment you’ll gladly make. If you are an advanced violinist looking for a nuanced, refined instrument with a great, mellow sound quality across its entire range and excellent projection, then we can’t recommend the Giovanni violin enough.