2024 Guide: Antonio Strad Lee 30 Violin Review

Those looking for a violin with the intention to perform on it have a specific set of needs that the violin should meet, especially for solo performance. Great projection is high on the list so that an audience can actually hear the nuance and detail that is being put into a piece through all those hours of practice. A broad powerful range is equally important so that no notes get lost or lack finesse because they were too high or too low. 

Out of the violins that we’ve tested we’ve found that the Lee 30 violin is one that will meet those needs for advanced student violinists pursuing solo performance.

Defining Features of the Lee 30

The Lee 30 violin stands out by defining itself as an instrument for the burgeoning soloist. Of course, it will sound good in other settings as well, but solo is its strength and that can be seen through the following qualities:

Range and Projection – The Lee 30 has a bright tone that is mellowed by its warm lower octaves. Further, the brightness helps reach those far-off back seats in the audience. The violin is also strung with Dominant strings in setup, which further assist in strengthening the bright highs and rich lows of the Lee 30.

Materials – The ten-year-aged spruce and maple that the Lee 30 is crafted from marks it as a handmade instrument dedicated to high-quality sound. The longer wood for a violin’s body is aged the more resonant it sounds, and resonance is what helps promote that strong range and projection.

Lee 30 Overview

The Lee 30 is an excellent advanced violin that has an amazing range, achieving brilliance in the high octaves and a rich, deep, lower range. All the while it maintains a powerful voice and a capability to project well, making it an ideal violin for advanced violinists who solo frequently. In terms of its ability in other, non-solo settings its range will allow for great musicality, but a player may need to put some extra effort into blending with a group. It is on the higher end of the price range, but its high-quality materials and sound mean it’s unlikely you’ll regret making this investment.

Key Features:

What to Expect from the Lee 30

Outfit – The Lee 30 does not come in an outfit, so expect to buy a bow and any other accessories like a case, or shoulder rest separately if you need them.

Ordering – The Lee 30 is currently only available to order online via Antonio Strad, but they offer nationwide (U.S.) free shipping, and depending on what time of day you order, you can get your violin sent out on the same day. They also have a 45-day return policy.

Should You Buy the Lee 30 Violin?

If you aren’t tired of hearing it already, the Lee 30 is a great violin for advanced students and is at its best as solo violin. The high quality of this instrument and its strength as a solo violin are self-evident. The ability to access its range and power may prove invaluable to many of its layers, but for those who aren’t interested in solo performance and for those not yet at the advanced level, you may want to look for a violin that suits your specific needs better, because the Lee 30 may have traits you won’t fully be able to appreciate, especially at this price point. However, if you are a solo-focused advanced violinist, yes, absolutely the Lee 30 is definitely a violin we’d recommend putting at the top of your list!